My Beginning Workout Plan

Yeah. I’m new to this, but as someone new to everything trying to find ‘the way to go’ I figured I’d share what I’m starting with right now. I’ll update as I make changes to my work out plan and update how it’s working for me.
I’m doing both cardio and weight training. I personally love cardio, not so much on the weight training front but I fell that’s more of an overwhelmed, I don’t know what I’m doing!

So far I’m doing cardio Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. I either work out on the recumbent bike or treadmill that we have at home, or I walk/run outside. I’ll be starting the Couch to 5k program soon. Then weight training Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Sundays I have off, other than whatever I do to wear the dogs out.

A great article I read on strength training for women is over on Criss Gets Fit: Ladies Lifting Weights: Get Strong, Not “Toned”

It tackles a lot of the myths about weight training and shares a lot of the reasons behind why I’m doing it. Even though I am losing weight, I still feel squishy. Especially up top. My legs have gained muscle from all my cardio, but my upper half? Not so much.

For my weight training, I chose to use this work out plan to start (with some further modifications, which I’ll explain below): Goonlifter’s Modified Starting Strength

Now, I don’t have gym access at the moment, so I’ve had to modify these a bit further.

In work out A, instead of doing a barbell squat, I’m doing squats with a dumbbell (though you could also do squats without any extra weight too). I’m deadlifting a dumbbell too, which is probably not the smartest move, but I’m hoping to get a rack soon. And I can’t do the dips yet (both physically and because of a lack of equipment). Obviously, instead of the hyperextensions I’m doing supermans. And while I can’t do a full sit up yet, I’m doing them as best as I can on the theory that I will get stronger.

For work out B, I”m doing everything with a dumbbell. And I plan on getting a pull up bar for my door. I might also add kettlebell swings to a work out, especially in the meantime while I’m waiting to get my hands on a rack. I could always use a filled up milk jug until I can buy a kettlebell.

Now, dumbbells aren’t exactly cheap, so I’m hoping to get my hands on a used barbell and rack set (Craigslist!) soon. First up though…I have to fix my car. So this is what I’m making do with.


3 thoughts on “My Beginning Workout Plan

    • Thank you! I’m really excited! It sounds like an awesome program, and the app they have for it makes it easy for me to do without having to try and time myself. xD -not coordinated-

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